About Us

Kamino Tours is a leading incoming DMC tour operator for Mexico, Guatemala and Belize with over 20 years of experience for both individual and group itineraries. We specialize in creating unique experiences in what we consider some of the most beautiful places in the world.

It is our mission to share our destination´s diversity with you and your clients through seamless service and dedicated customer care in an integral way by promoting responsible travel.


  • Experience
    With over two decades of experience, we know Mexico and our market like the back of our hand
  • Tailor-made Itineraries
    We specialize in tailor-made itineraries and cater for every one of our client’s needs. The experiences we create are unique, diverse and exciting
  • Competitive Rates
    Because of our long-standing relationships with hotels and local tour operators we keep our prices low while maintaining the highest possible quality
  • Customer Care
    We prioritize customer satisfaction and continuously aim to exceed travel expectations


  • Reliability
    We make it our priority to look after your client
  • Creativity
    Our knowledgeable team specializes in designing tailor made itineraries that suit any budget and desired travel style
  • Local support
    24 hour support with on-site multilingual representatives
  • Low response times
    Quick and efficient response to any unforeseen local circumstances
  • Cultural diversity
    International company, multicultural team


  • Humanity
    To maintain healthy and respectful relationships in a pleasant work environment
  • Collaboration
    To be open to new ideas, comments and collective growth
  • Pragmatism
    To keep things simple without compromising the quality of our work
  • Integrity
    We are responsible for our actions and we honor our commitments
  • Sustainability
    To be as sustainable as possible, create awareness both internally as well as with our collaborators